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Season 1
Placement 13th
Status Murdered, Week 2

Dan was a contestant on Tumblr Whodunnit's inaugural season.

Season 1Edit


Riddles Solved 0
Times 'Scared' 1
Accusations Against TBA



Week 2


"This murder was quite simple, what you should know is that I am a huge animal lover. I don’t think Dan would say the same. I was so proud of this scheme that I just had to watch it first hand. Dan‘s consistent late night snack cravings were just too convenient, I couldn’t resist! I have this pet spider fluffy, but she isn’t just any old daddy long legged. Right before Dan entered the kitchen I put fluffy in the penne box, I then hid in the corner and got ready for the show. Dan saw the box of penne already on the table and decided pasta is what he was craving. He put a pot of water on the stove and started slicing a juicy red tomato. Fluffy, smelling the delicious fruit crawled right out of the penne box giving Dan such a fright that he missed the tomato and sliced his fingers! And well if you thought my pet was crazy for tomatoes you should see her around blood! As Dan held their bloody hand fluffy leaped into the hair and sunk her teeth into his neck! AHHH! He screamed ripping fluffy from his neck, only she wasn’t done. Fluffy squeezed herself out of that blood drenched hand and bit him once again in the arm. Dan then took fluffy, through her on the table and beat her to death with a spoon. My poor fluffy, oh how I miss our chats. But her death was not in vain because as soon as Dan put down the wooden spoon he fell to the ground dead. Remember when I said fluffy wasn’t any old daddy long legged? That’s because she was a Brazilian Wandering Spider, the deadliest spider alive!

Yours cruelly,
The Killer"

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