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Season 1
Placement 15th
Status Murdered, Week 1

Katie was a contestant on Tumblr Whodunnit's inaugural season. She became the first person ever murdered in Tumblr Whodunnit.

Season 1Edit


Riddles Solved 0
Times 'Scared' 0
Accusations Against 0



Week 1


"First impressions can either make you or break you; in Katie’s case it was very broken. Who wants to share a house with someone that dreadful, isn’t this a vacation after all? But don’t you worry I took it upon myself to get rid of the problem. While everyone was asleep last night I snuck into Katie’s bedroom and planted an alarm, which was to go off at 6am sharp. I also put a note that said, “breakfast at 6 –Giles” next to the alarm clock so she wouldn’t think twice. I knew for a fact Cassidy often had terrible nightmares therefore slept with earplugs and a beauty mask. That morning before she woke I snuck into the boiler room damaging the heat, causing the house to become icy cold. My plan was going perfectly until I noticed Amelia the maid was up too early cleaning. My worries were soon at ease when after a brief chat she walked away, sending Katie right back up the stairs into my trap. Once she reached the top of the stairs I lunged out and pushed her off the balcony… only this grandma was strong. She held on to the ledge screaming so I stomped her hands with my foot and down she went. Again she tried to fight back reaching for the nearby lamp on the table. She just wouldn’t die! So I kicked her in the head until she bled. But don’t give me all the credit… this death was a successful for all of us. You’re Welcome,
The Killer"

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