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Season 1
Placement 14th
Status Murdered, Week 1

Owen was a contestant on Tumblr Whodunnit's inaugural season.

Season 1Edit


Riddles Solved 0
Times 'Scared' 1
Accusations Against TBA



Week 1


"Owen was getting too close. I don’t like to be hovered especially under these circumstances the object for you is to live, not to hunt. I was inspired by Owen’s passion to find me out; too bad he was so very wrong. His answers were buzzing around my head like bees. And just like bees that become too aggressive it was time to get some poison. If only everyone knew as they said goodbye to Owen on their way to the stables leaving him and his convenient horse allergies alone it would be their last. Being stuck in a mansion all alone on such a hot day I knew Owen would be dying to go for a swim. Before we left I put a couple drops of poison in the tea Giles left for Owen in his room. He took the tea with him to the pool and after his first sip he was dead. Once we arrived back at the mansion I quickly ran over to the pool only to see Owen’s floating in it! What a perfectly done murder I thought… but I was wrong. I quickly realized the discoloration not only on Owen but in the pool. Panicky I ran over to the filtration system and started to drain the pool. This caused Owen‘s yellow locks to get sucked into the drain clogging it up. I feared people would start noticing my lack of appearance so I left the body as it was and went back inside, only to be found moments later.

Yours cruelly,
The Killer"

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